Mug Shoppe

My friend Holly started a calligraphy business a while back. She’s always talking about how calligraphy is an excellent creative outlet.

I tried my hand at calligraphy (no pun intended) and it just didn’t work. I’m a perfectionist and my calligraphy just wasn’t perfect. Also, I’m a graphic designer. My computer created art always comes out better than my hand created art.

But…I still needed a creative outlet. As a stay-at-home mum of two, I long for times when I have freelance jobs. But then when I get them, I complain that they take time away from my babies. What would be the perfect creative outlet for me? Something where I could control my own time.

Hence, Mug Shoppe. I’m so excited about this new endeavor. Check it out (at and buy your mug today!



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